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The Watercolor Masterworks of
Guan Weixing

We are honored to present, in this website, the books, demonstration DVD’s and giclée reproductions of China’s most respected and renowned watercolorist, Guan Weixing.

As Guan Weixing’s representative in the United States, Ambleside Gallery has organized numerous exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations around the country since 2004. The gallery’s publishing wing, Ambleside Art Publishing, has produced an exquisite coffee table book, demonstration videos and more than thirty giclées, (high resolution, archival reproductions), of his most celebrated works. As you browse through these offerings we hope that something, (if not everything) will capture your attention. Our goal is to increase awareness of an artistic giant of our time and to provide the means for everyone to enter and enjoy the extraordinary world that he sees and paints.


The Book
“Like Moving Poems” is a compilation of personal memories, insights, comments on technique and thoughtful musings by the
artist. Reading it is the next best thing to a personal tour by the artist through his studio. His words read like the sayings of a
wise man. As in his paintings, they are honest, direct and beautiful.

The Videos
At present there are three demonstration videos available on DVD; one is in English and two are in Mandarin. Please go
to the DVD section to see a complete description of each.

The Giclées
Thanks to the world of digital technology, the giclée reproductions of Guan Weixing’s watercolors are indistinguishable from
his originals. They are created from high resolution, digital scans and printed on archival, watercolor paper using water soluble,
pigment-based, fade resistant inks. On a state of the art giclee printer the inks are sprayed directly onto the paper from a
computer controlled nozzle that emits over a million microscopic droplets of ink per second! The result, as one gallery visitor
exclaimed, is “Frighteningly identical to the original”.

We hope you will enjoy your visit.

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